According to the National Endowment for the Arts, the arts contribute $763.6 billion to the U.S. economy, more than agriculture, transportation, or warehousing. The arts employ 4.9 million workers across the country with earnings of more than $370 billion. Furthermore, the arts exported $20 billion more than imported, providing a positive trade balance. Included in that $763 billion are tiny little local arts organizations, such as the West Bend Theatre Company, Musical Masquers, Kettle Moraine Symphony and more.

The COVID-19 public health crisis has crippled many in many areas and local performing arts aren't an exception. The music, song, dance, and performances that the arts bring to us all, revive and restore us. When the pandemic is over, we'll need the arts to help with recovery.

What can we do to insure they survive the impact of COVID-19? Making a donation to the West Bend Performing Arts Fund will truly go a long way.

West Bend Theatre Company. A nonprofit community theater company in West Bend, Wisconsin. We present live theater, camps, workshops and special events.


Kettle Moraine Symphony. Founded in 1968, The Kettle Moraine Symphony has grown to become a regional orchestra whose approximately 65 playing members and its Board of Directors come from 20 different communities in the Kettle Moraine area.


Musical Masquers, Inc. For 57 years, Musical Masquers carries on a proud tradition, and the tagline as “West Bend’s Longest Running Community Theater.”

West Bend Children's Theatre. Every year a talented group of local volunteers provide a live theatre experience for an average of 6,000 children from both public and private schools in the surrounding area.

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River City Irregulars. For more than 30 years, the River City Irregulars is an all-volunteer group of adult musicians with varied music backgrounds who share a passion for concert band music and willingness to share their talents with the community.

Spotlight Productions. For more than 35 years, Spotlight Productions has been entertaining audiences with a fall musical and a spring comedy.

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