Non-Profit Organizations

We're delighted to give back to the community by sharing with area nonprofit organizations.  By partnering with us, nonprofits can gain many benefits. Our board invites 501(c)(3) organizations to submit a request to become a nonprofit partner.  Just send an e-mail expressing your interest we’ll help in completing a grant application.  E-mail us via

Nonprofit organizattions have many advantages from a partnership with us Here's how it works:

Our board of directors works to find a common thread or theme between your organization and ours. That might be the theme of a stage production (examples: "Love Story" - theme: Cancer;  "Painting Churches" - theme: Alzheimer's Disease) We choose a theatrical performance which complements and informs – with a theme that is meaningful for your organization.  As a result, you'll be able to gain -

·         Increased Visibility - from your logo on our posters, the name of your organization in our press releases, website, Facebook, print, radio and other public relations efforts. 

·         Increased Member Engagement - by partnering with us, your members will be excited to see our organization involved in your mission.  That means that our people and your people are "talking about" the show we stage, increasing those attending, and increasing interest.

·         Marketing of your Organization - As we market the show, your organization becomes more visible. We create ways for your board, staff and volunteers to participate by ushering, and talking about your mission at each performance. We also provide full page advertising for you in our program book. All of our marketing also mentions your group. We develop other meaningful activities to keep everyone inspired.

·         Re-Invigorated  and Newly Interested Constituents - By having a new activity, your inactive members of can find their interest is re-ignited, and new ways for them to volunteer, while serving your mission.

·         A grant program that is meaningful - by partnering with us, we ask your people (aw well as ours) to step up and help. It's not a handout - it's a chance to motivate and inspire your people, We invite everyone in your group and in our group to be active in the community. We encourage them to “talk up” the show. In turn, they are talking about your organization, too.

Please contact us if your nonprofit organization is interested in our grant program - It's exciting for you, the community and us!

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