Our board of directors

Megan Belll

Nicholas Dettmann

Viney Pheng


The West Bend Theatre Company is expanding its board of directors. We are looking for someone who has a love and a passion for community theater, who also enjoys making a difference in his or her community.

On the board, you will get to do any of the following:

  • Choosing Shows

  • Choosing Directors

  • Choosing Theatres

  • Choosing Nonprofit Partners

  • Managing Operations

We guarantee you will make friends and have fun!

All we ask is you attend the monthly board meetings, which are done virtual or in person, and do your best to either attend at least one production by the West Bend Theatre Company or participate in a production. If you can't make a board meeting, we can be flexible with your schedule.

If you're interested, send us your professional and theater resume, as well as a short letter detailing why you want to join our board!

Send in your application today!


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